Eaton Life

My Mom

I’m going to show you some pictures of my mom.

This is her getting ready for an assembly.
That’s my mom and my dad in Chilis.
Listen I have no idea when this/what is happened.
She stares.
More staring.
That’s her with Aurora.
My mom and dad.
My mom when she fished out all the fish.
That’s her trying a funny hair cut.
That’s her in are old work van.
That’s her and our friend Carla at a assemble.
That’s my mom hugging my dad
I have no idea
I think that’s her on service oh and me in the background 🙂
Again I don’t know
That’s when Zayne was a baby, look at the baby.
That’s my mom with our old dog before we sold her
Jack is very young there.

This is all of the pictures I have or could find, Love you mom and hi for you coming back from England!

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