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This is one of my hobbies.

Today I would like to show you one of my hobbies, pen spinning. In this post I’m going to show you some of the pens that I have. I hope you enjoy.

Now this is my first pen mod, I got it off Amazon for the price of $8.28. Now this is a pretty good pen mod for beginners. Its a little on the short side with a length of 20cm and weighs 16 grams.

This is my next pen mod that I bought off Amazon for the price of $7.50. It is a very good pen mod for beginners and It’s my favorite one I have so far. It’s the normal with it’s length being 21cm and it weighs 19 grams.

Now this is my last pen mod. And this mod I made myself with blood, sweat and tears, and tape….lol. So this pen mod isn’t that great mostly because it was made with crappy parts. So I wouldn’t recommend making your own mod before buying one. This mod is a little over 21cm and it weighs 14 grams…dang that’s light.

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